Surveys & Other Financial Reporting Activities

Other activities performed by Financial Reporting Services

The Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS) program is a data collection program for the National Center For Education Statistics, which collects a variety of statistical and financial data on an annual basis.  Financial Reporting Services completes the Finance portion of the IPEDS survey.   If you need information from the IPEDS Finance survey please contact Ron Huettenmueller, Financial Analyst Senior.

With the exception of certain approved departments, the University requires all departments to process accounts receivable through the Oracle Financials Department Accounts Receivable and Billing (DARBI).  New item types request forms should be submitted to DARBI Accounts Receivable mailbox.

Select approved departments (also known as legacy departments) are allowed to track receivables outside of the DARBI system because of certain requirements around the security for the receivable information or other unique billing requirements that could not be fulfilled within DARBI.  These departments are required to provide monthly receivable reports (.xlsx) to Sarah Carver, Financial Analyst.

Instructions to fill out legacy report (pdf)


Accounts receivables that are in excess of five years old are eligible to be written off under the state's policies and procedures regarding the management of receivables.  Reasonable collection efforts must have been made on the accounts deemed uncollectible for the accounts to be included.  If the account has been submitted to Campus Solutions (CS), do not include it on your list. CS will submit the account for write-off.

On an annual basis Financial Reporting Services, Sarah Carver, Financial Analyst, will request your department's write-offs.  The format for submission is to provide two listings, one for students and one for other than students. Currently employed faculty, staff, or students are not included on these lists.  Set-off procedures are established to handle these. The write-off lists must include name, social security number, date of charge or invoice, and the procedure for the collecting of past due accounts. 

Upon approval from the Chancellor and acceptance from the State, your department will be notified that the write-offs have been accepted and have permission to be removed from the accounts receivable report.

The University requires departments to submit an annual inventory of consumable supplies as a part of its year-end procedures.  Departments that maintain material levels of consumable supplies are asked to complete the Report of Consumable Supplies on Hand (.xlsx) form with the value (at cost) of their consumable supplies as of June 30 of each year.  The form is to be sent to Financial Reporting Services, Sarah Carver, Financial Analyst, no later than July 7 of that year.

If departments do not store consumable supplies but rather purchase supplies as they are used, that just needs to be noted on the Report of Consumable Supplies on Hand (.xlsx) form and returned by the due date. 

Financial Reporting Services is responsible for completing the University‚Äôs Unrelated Business Income Tax Form (IRS Form 990-T) that is due annually to the Kansas Department of Administration by October 15th. Unrelated business income (UBI) is defined as gross income derived by an exempt organization from any unrelated trade or business that is regularly carried on.  The primary purpose behind UBI is to eliminate unfair competition between tax-exempt and for-profit organizations.  Determining whether or not the sale of goods or the performance of services has the potential for generating unrelated business income is handled on an individual basis. 

Departments/units with revenue streams that might be considered UBI should contact either Jeff Hunter, Director of Financial Reporting Services, or Sarah Carver, Financial Analyst.