Physical Capital Asset Inventory

Financial Reporting Services is responsible for applying barcode tags to moveable equipment that meets the University's capitalization threshold of $5,000. Financial Reporting Services works with department equipment coordinators to manage moveable equipment barcode tags.

Kansas Statutes require the University to file an annual report of permanent property in the custody of the University of Kansas. To fulfill this request, the Financial Reporting Services team conducts the University's annual equipment inventory of equipment over $5,000 required by the State. The annual inventory of non-research departments occurs primarily in the Fall semester whereas the annual inventory of research-intensive departments - including both KU and KUCR assets - occurs primarily during the Spring semester.

Equipment coordinators assigned to each department are expected to assist the Financial Reporting Services team during our annual visits. The Financial Reporting Services team will develop a tentative site visit schedule to accommodate for possible departmental time conflicts.  For questions regarding the annual inventory process, please contact Brad Barker, Financial Analyst.

Inventory Schedule by Department (.xlsx)

Department Transfer Form - This is used when a property is being transferred from one KU department to another KU department.

Location Transfer Form - This is used when a department is moving property from one location to another, but that department is retaining “ownership” of the property.

Disposition of Property Form - This is used when a department is disposing of property through KU surplus, KU eWaste, Trade in or other method (not including department transfer or relocating the property).