Annual Financial Report

The Annual Financial Report (AFR) contains the consolidated financial statements for the University of Kansas.  Included in the Annual Financial Report is the Management’s Discussion and Analysis, Financial Statements, and the Notes to the Financial Statements.  The Annual Financial Report is not audited.  As an agency of the State of Kansas, KU is included in the State's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) which is audited.

The entities included in the AFR are:

  • KU Lawrence & Edwards Campuses
  • KU Medical Center Campus
  • KU Center for Research
  • KU Medical Center Research Institute
  • KU Athletics Incorporated
  • KU Campus Development Corporation
  • University of Kansas Memorial Corporation (KU Unions)
  • Student Union Corporation of the University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Kansas University Health Partners, Inc.
  • Kansas University Endowment Association (Discretely Presented)

The University's AFR presents expenses based upon functional categories using higher education Program Classification Structure (PCS) codes. PCS codes are assigned centrally based upon the financial purpose information provided by KU departments.